SEN10R YEAR (5​-​Year Anniv. Re​-​Release)

by Another Romantic Yesterday

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Feel free to download for free! All new recordings of our debut EP to celebrate its 5-year anniversary!


released May 15, 2015

Scott Vickery - Vocals/Bass/Acoustic Guitar/Piano/Percusion
Troy Christensen - Guitar/Vocals
German Piedrahitta - Drums



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Another Romantic Yesterday Chicago, Illinois

5 music junkies playing and writing for the sake of playing and writing. Punk Pop band from the Chicago Suburbs.

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Track Name: Another Song For You or Someone Like You
Wish I could promise you right now
All these songs I write are not about you at all;
But, I trust that you don't trust me;
And I know you're not so naive.
Cuz everything expressed from this pen tip
Should have common ground and penmanship.
Like a letter I could never send or,
A broken heart that'll never mend.
But, before I go I hope you know...

You're gonna be the death of me baby.
You're all I see when I can't breathe maybe
We'll forget about this mess and end 'us' with some common sense.

And, clever are the lines that rhyme,
But, poetic are the stories I've held to.
And it's not enough to tell you
That witty is not broken hearted,
But trust me I lost when I started
Writing all these stupid songs for you...


You're in my dreams; you're in my head.
I'll sing for you since that's the trend.
Another line you can hold me to
And another wish that I'll always be with you.
(Do you have to be in love to write a love song?
I'm sure it helps.)


...So I guess this is goodbye for now;
But I'll see you out in the crowd.
Just don't forget to smile back
Cuz deep down you know
these songs about you ain't half bad.
Track Name: Senior Year
She said:
Play me a song cuz there's so much to do
And not enough time,
And I just want to be sung to sleep.
So, sing one for me, put your name up in lights.
I've got so much faith in you tonight.

Oh no! It's senior year and I still don't know what I am doing here.
So kiss me. And help me forget that there is so much pressure
To have no regrets.

He said:
This is the last time, I'll throw the ball for my hometown
Will change with my new perspective.
I've got so many lame electives,
But I've gotta pass at least one to graduate.
It's neither luck or fate that gave me these bad grades
Are products of lazy days spent with the best of friends
Hoping These good times would never end.


Kiss me!
I wanna forget there's no time left!
I'm moving on; moving on up.
What happened to all those days I had left to grow up?
Have I grown up at all?
It feels like I don't even know myself at all.
And I've got one more day to say goodbye
To some of the best days of my life.

Have no regrets!
This is senior year.
Track Name: You're Not Superman You Know
I'm so confused, and so are you I guess.
Sitting here waiting for the rain to pass.
And, when it's gone I hope your memory is too.
Last thing I need is to catch myself falling for you.

He's so good for you,
And there's so much about me
You can never know.
But I wish I could tell you
I'm saving the world for you.

The pain on you're face is evident
Cuz that front row seat
Is not as full as it's supposed to be.
This mixed priority is not working out.
Maybe I should go.
Maybe I should disappear.


I realize this is all my fault.
I wish I could apologize.
I feel like I should redeem myself
Tell you how much I love you.
How can we love and just forget?...
Track Name: Dear (Place Your Name Here), I've Moved On Too.
It's been so long since I've enjoyed the winter
Cuz all the snow does is remind me of the memories we've made.
I'll never forget your face.
But I wish I could forget the name.
It's all the same.

Cuz every girl I know has broke my heart.
It's probably all my fault I know.
But, everyone's so close, why can't I just find the one?
There's gotta be someone.

I still dream of you once in awhile.
Every time I sleep I guess.
I try to fake a smile, but it never works
It still hurts where my heart used to be.


Here's another song for every girl who broke my heart.
I hope you find someone; I hope it all works out in the end.
Do you think of me? Do you ever dream?
Like a song in my head, if I sing this to death maybe then I can move on