My Paper & My Pen

by Another Romantic Yesterday

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released July 17, 2011

Scott Vickery - Vocals/Bass/Acoustic Guitar
Troy Christensen - Guitar/Vocals/Acoustic Guitar
German Piedrahita III - Drums/Percusion



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Another Romantic Yesterday Chicago, Illinois

5 music junkies playing and writing for the sake of playing and writing. Punk Pop band from the Chicago Suburbs.

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Track Name: If I Could Write A Love Song It'd Sound Like This
Let's spend tonight on this mountain top baby.
I'll never let you go if you don't.
And, I'll sing you to sleep forever in my arms
With these emotions I've wrapped up in song
For all I've felt for, oh so long.
We'll keep each other warm in this freezing winter
Where our love defies the cold and blooms.

Baby I heart you!
And all the things you do to keep my feet off the ground.
Baby I start to
Melt when you're around.

I can't give you my best,
But there's still some firsts left and I am dying to turn the key.
So get in the car and we'll drive as far as we can
On this one tank of gas.
And everybody's jealous cuz they don't have the guts!
Everybody's jealous cuz they don't have the guts like us.

I'm a wreck cuz you're amazing.
I'm a mess cuz you're mine baby.
Hard to breathe when you are with me.
I take a breath, but you're breath-taking.
(Just jealous cuz we're young and in love.)
(Just jealous cuz they don't have the guts.)
(Just jealous cuz they can't be us.)
Track Name: Chuck vs the First Date
I'm not looking but you caught my eye.
What a nice surprise!
I know that I'm a younger guy,
But look into my eyes;
I've got nothing to hide.
So, what are you thinking?
I vote we do or die.
No drama and not just for tonight;
But for a lifetime.

I smile and you blush.
We just can't get enough,
So where do we go from here?
i think that I'm in love.
Do you think we've got the stuff?
So where do we go from here?

So hang me up and leave me out to dry.
Or, bring me inside and say that I'm your guy.
I'm trying so hard just to be me.
You're laughing at nearly everything.
So look me in the eye and say that
"I'm all ears."
Because I'm all fears.
That you'll get away
I'll make some dumb mistake.
I don't need another grave in my yard of not-so-great-attempts
to win a girl.
Baby, I'll rock your world.
Whatever that means.
(What does that even mean?)

(So tell me what you want,
I'll give you all I got.)
I'm trying so hard not to make a fool of myself again.
And, you're laughing cuz I'm dying to tell you
But you already know; you already know.
And, I can't open my mouth to say the words i mean to say
But I'll write a whole song about it.