by Another Romantic Yesterday

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released June 18, 2016

Scott Vickery - lead vocals/bass/guitars/keys
Troy Christensen - vocals/lead guitar/guitars/bass/keys
German Piedrahita III - drums
Jordan McDonald - vocals/guitar

Produced by Scott Vickery and Troy Christensen
All songs written and preformed by ARY

Car Crash, written and preformed by Scott Vickery


Rhythm guitar for the post-chorus of 'Push Play' and the "whoa oh's" in 'Microphones' written by Mitch Tierney

With contributions and feedback from Joey Montinez and Joshua Caban

Special Thanks to:
Our Families, Joey Montinez, Joshua Caban, Mitchell Tierney, Jared Witmer (for all his hard work on previous ARY material), Anthony Savage (For making a thousand adjustments to the album cover and totally nailing it!), for having such a boss site, and anyone who downloads this



all rights reserved


Another Romantic Yesterday Chicago, Illinois

5 music junkies playing and writing for the sake of playing and writing. Punk Pop band from the Chicago Suburbs.

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Track Name: Push "Play" Start The Cliche
We're here to sing you a song
One that you can sing along to
You can sing along too
So keep in time with your feet
Keep in time with the beat
Dance! Dance! Dance! With me

A brand new song for the same old scene
Brand new chords but we think they sound unique
So turn us up! Or tune us out
As long as we get you dancing in the crowd

We'll exceed and disappoint
All of your expectations so forget all of your predictions
We won't sell out because we like to keep life simple
So feed us to the masses
We'll spread like cold molasses
And we won't take over the world
But that's ok because we love to play this stage
And tonight we'll sing for you
Track Name: Rollercoaster
If my life's a rollercoaster then I'm barely hanging on
Forget these 'ups and downs' why can't it just level out?
Cuz I get so high then I get so low
And my heart it beats and beats for You then leaves me on my own
So tell me tell me if I'm broken when will I be fixed?
Cuz it's getting to be so long now I just wanna give up on it
Here come's the breakdown, I'm breaking down...

I wanna run away from here do you wanna disappear with me?
I sound like a broken record; I wish I could run from myself

I wanna spend a day outside my body
Crawl into the wall or turn invisible
I'd observe the world disembodied
But that'd only make things worse
One more day I didn't well preform at work
Another month without her here and one more month alone
I should call but I don't have the change and those pay-phones
Are getting so hard to find these days
Here come's the break down, I'm breaking down....

I wanna run away from here do you wanna disappear with me?
Come on and disappear come on and disappear with me
Track Name: Chuck vs The Goodbye
When we first met I was in over my head
not self-assured, no confidence
But I made you smile and you made me cry
When our first kiss ended with 'goodbyes'
How can a nerd win the heart of a spy
Who commands a room like the stars in the sky?
Somehow I won you over and we took on the world
I felt so safe with such a beautiful girl

But no you don't remember a thing
You're crushing my heart but I will never leave
Cuz I don't regret anything
You're losing yourself but please don't give up on me

We were in the hospital when I proposed
You didn't even say 'yes' we had already known
We'd spend the rest of our lives together
We wed and were so in love
We thought this would all be enough
You said you'd never forget our dreams
Like when we carved our names into the walls
Of that house we didn't own yet
Track Name: High Hopes (Fat Chance)
You got me!
All I can think about are those blue eyes in this summer's heat
Your smile is so sweet it infects all of my dreams
And in all my dreams I'm trying to keep my cool
But I wanna scream "I love you!" through this microphone
So call me when you get home
But I can't pretend that we can be 'just friends'

Here I go again
Getting my hopes up just like a little kid
But this time I swear that she's the one
I know that she's the one I've been waiting for
And she's prettier when she's next to me

Well if you're not perfect then how did you get this way?
Cuz girl you're captivating all I got to say is:
I'm speechless
I'm impressed
I'm amazed
I'm a wreck
I'm nervous
I'm a mess
And we both know you're out of my league
So tell me that you wanna be with me!

Take away all my breath
Steal this heart from my chest
I don't think she's impressed with me
Take away all my breath
Steal this heart from my chest
Let me get closer let me take over!
Track Name: Meredith
Gorgeous would you notice if I wrote you a song
That brought you to tears? You probably would
But the cold has frozen the ink in my pen
And I can never again write you the song that you deserve
But I'll try my hardest with a few simple words:

Your smile is like the sun
Your laughter has me undone
And if this night would never end I'd spend forever with you

The only thing better then this night sky
Is how it reflects off your blue eyes
I know I am getting more and more cliche
But we're getting closer each and every day

We'll walk across this room as bride and groom
And dance on the stage
And in your wedding dress we'll dance 'til no one's left
Honestly, if this night would never end
Then how would we know where our story goes?
So I look forward to me and you and blank pages

You keep my feet on the ground and my head in the sky
I'm your shoulder to help you stay strong when you cry
Ain't got no money but I'll give you my life
Every day you impress me my beautiful wife
Track Name: Best Friends To Dead Ends
What does 'best friends' mean to you?
Maybe I'll find a clue in all the lies you're spreading
(Lies you're spreading)
I never thought I would see the day
You would turn your back and walk away
I guess I expected way too much from you...

Remember all the times that we hung out?
Now I don't trust a thing that comes out of your mouth
So hold your tongue or I'll sever it with this pen
We were best friends until the end guess not tonight
Seriously what are you trying to prove?
Remember no one's perfect when you call me out
But if I'm the fake then why am I standing my ground
While you run away?

Don't smirk they're gonna find you out
And I'm gonna leave you now
It's just a falling out but you're gonna need me
You are leaving you behind
You're selfish and I've tried
To bail you out but I can't find a reason

You tell me you're in control but you're the only one I know
That wants a downward spiral
You can't look me in the eyes and tell me partial truths
Cuz there's nothing left inside of you

All those winter seasons we hit the slopes
All the summer nights we stayed up through
All the stories all the times I shared with you
I used to be your best friend
We'll never be friends again
Back-stabber is not the right term
I'm ok but you're ruining yourself
I'm ok but you're ruining yourself...
Track Name: Screaming Into Microphones For Attention
I started a band
The most fun I had was hanging out with some of my best friends
We'd always be at shows watching bands no one knows
Friday's were always blown that's just the way it goes
Fell for the local scene those days mean incredible things to me

We had so much fun
At state fairs and drive-ins hanging out with friends in this band
We were so young
Stupid and reckless but we won't forget this no we won't forget

We spent summers driving in our cars listening to Yellowcard
With the music way too loud and the windows down
We'd high-five when we landed a gig
And faked our way through it
We killed our time at the mall
And hit the theaters all summer long
Hiking Starve Rock in the fall
Went snowboarding all winter long

This isn't where our story ends
We'll always be the best of friends
You guys were always there for me
Growing up was easier with a beat
I know we'll grow out of this some day
But we'll always have good times to remember
Track Name: Car Crash
She gathers her things and heads for the door
Don't worry she says I've done this before
She picks up her keys
And they small talk some more
Thanks for the offer but I'm pretty sure
It's a cold winter night lots of ice on the road
Her brain is still spinning can't wait to get home
But the lights the wrong color and she couldn't have known
She slams on her brakes as she drops her phone...

Glass fills the air and the seconds slow down
All you hear is that terrible sound
Can you hear the screams?
What does all this mean?
Just one more day...

Just one more she says to herself
As the sounds drowned out in her mind
Just to make things right and say goodbye
To her friends and family and that boy she met one summer
Cuz no one's ever loved her like he has
A tear rolls down her check
As the sounds drowned out in her mind
Cuz 17 years just ain't enough time...

Just one more day...
Her reaction time was slowed due to the cause that we all know
Was that party that great anyway?
Explain that to the mother of three in the car you just hit
Those kids will be missed...
Track Name: Nobody's Problems Are Somebody Else's Most Days
You called one last time on that miserable ride home
It was the last I set my ears on you
Ending a miserable year or two

I'm just a clown in my own parade...

I am a soldier leading a battle charge while my comrades hit the bar

What do you do when you show your friends your wounds and they claim
"It's not that bad!"
Rubbed in some salt "Now be on your way"

I didn't take it too well
I cut and cut until it bled and then I said
"Look, now what do you say?!"
They just laughed and said "You'll be OK"
Rubbed in some salt "Now be on your way"

I freaked and dug a grave to stand in
I'll not leave this spot until you side with me and all my damage
They laughed and walked away singing:

"Nobody sides with a fool!"
"Nobody sides with a fool!"
"Nobody sides with a fool!"

I lead a battle charge
Alone in my battle charge

Nobody understands....
(These wounds are self inflicted)
Track Name: Chicago Winters
Thoughts of you fly through my head like the planes over Chicago
Every time they land it's like someone else is coming home
So are you coming or are you going?
I just need you to know it
Cuz I can't sleep with the turbine noise above my head
So I'll go back to bed when I can put these thoughts to rest
I know you hate the situation I just hate the frustration
Cuz you are ready and I'm debating as
Thoughts of you fly through my head like the planes over Chicago
Track Name: The Last Something That Meant Anything
I can handle this I tell myself on nights like these
You've got looks that could freeze and ocean
Please cut this tension with a knife
Since all the awkward has turned to ice
And I've begun to hate my songs
I always tell the punch line wrong
So count this out and tear it down
You wear your frown like it's your crown

Now the last something that meant anything is pinned up
And these memories are all that's left of you...

You broke my heart and I'm picking up the pieces
But I'll leave them how they are
You think you'll get far with your paper and your pen
But kid you really messed up I'll never think of you again
So now I'm throwing away pictures
I don't wanna see that face that used to light up a room
Now that smile seems so fake

We both learned a lesson we hadn't known
You play with fire and this is how it burns
We fan the flames cuz we long for the warmth

I thought you were the one but you're just a fake
Did you ever mean any of those things you said to me?

Don't tell me I meant anything to you
Don't tell me I meant anything to you
Don't tell me I meant anything to you
Don't tell me I meant anything to you
Don't tell me I meant anything to you
Don't tell me I meant anything to you
Don't tell me I meant anything to you
Don't tell me I meant anything to you
Track Name: SAD SAD SAD
So let's blow this out of proportion
I'm an X-Wing and you're a Star Destroyer
I think I'm losing this one
I think I'm losing
I think I've lost

So sad sad man
With your sad plans
Everything will work out in the end
It works out in the end

So sad sad man
With your sad plans
Everything you did will go away
So go away so go away just go

Autumn wind blows in his face
As he digs their graves
Beneath his feet he crushes leaves
Like little dreams

He brings the winter snow and rain
But the summer's coming now to melt the pain

It works out
It works out
But not for you
Track Name: Trying To Catch Snowflakes But They Keep Melting In My Hands
I know it's asking a lot but I've got to know
Do I have a shot? This winter's getting so cold
And the campfires we sat around have gone out with the fall
But I still long for another night with you
So girl just tell me the truth,

I know it's asking a lot, but do I have a shot with you?
The truth...

Is it normal when I only dream of you?
(Tell me the truth)
All I need to know is that you dream of me too
This young love's so complicated and I am getting so frustrated
When I cross out the lines that don't make no sense
Re-write these feelings in present tense
I'd give you the world if I had it to offer
So girl just tell me the truth,

I know it's asking a lot, but do I have a shot with you?
The truth...

This winter's getting so cold, and I am getting so bold
I can't say what I mean to say but I'll write a whole song about it
I know it's asking a lot
So girl just tell me the truth